Au Canada

  • 28/11/2011
    AstraZeneca Canada lance le Programme Santé des jeunes
  • 01/11/2011
    Young Health Programme launches in Korea with ‘Love for Life’ campaign. Plus de détails
  • 25/10/2011
    Experts consult on latest data on emerging issues in adolescent health to pave path for improved health provision for young people. Plus de détails
  • 21/09/2011
    Young Health Programme Pledges Commitment to Tackle Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Young People Across 15 Countries. Plus de détails
  • 19/10/2011
    Global health experts and NGO representatives discuss the social determinants of adolescent health at a workshop held at a WHO conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Plus de détails
  • 10/09/2011
    Plan UK Chief Executive visits new Young Health Programme in Zambia. Plus de détails
  • 04/09/2011
    What are the key health issues impacting young people today? – report from OneWorld Conference, Geneva. Plus de détails
  • 01/08/2011
    New baseline data in Brazil highlights lack of adolescent friendly services. Plus de détails

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